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When we designed each collection of Happy Hijabs, we also thought of the best way to deliver the hijabs to you.

Happy Hijabs are created with a clear mission to inspire women to be happy every day. To accomplish this mission, it is also our responsibility to ensure that Happy Hijabs are received by you in customized packaging that is not only beautiful, but also deliver the message of Happy-ness.

Hence, we  decided that not a single Happy Hijabs will be delivered to your hand without Happy Box!

Happy Box does not just act as a box. Happy Box too contains message that will inspire you to live your happiest life.We plan to have various designs and themes of Happy Box to accompany each new collection of Happy Hijabs.

This time, Happy Box’s message is to celebrate happiness. With that in mind, we printed hundreds of confetti all over Happy Box to represent the act of celebrating happiness. Also, we include special message from our beloved founder, Puan Mary, too.

Together, let’s celebrate Happy-ness!