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Yes! It is true that you can tell a great deal about a person by the colours they wear.

Since hijab for a muslim woman is big part of the total look, and the fact that it covers the face – the center of communication point on human body, choosing the right hijab colours becomes very crucial.

Happy Hijabs is happy to share three different looks and our suggestion of hijab colours that help you to convey the right message, every time! Click the tab to find out more.


The outfits that you wear to office or any professional setting, make up for what people think of your personality.

When it comes to dressing for work, you want to choose appropriate looks that make you look professional yet feel comfortable. To achieve these looks, choose colours of hijab in moderate tone – not too light and not to deep.

The following Happy Hijabs collections have been carefully selected to suit the office environment and also suitable to be worn to attend job interviews.


Your casual look says a lot about yourself! Casual look showcase your true personality on your leisure day.

Light colours are the best choice for your hijab during leisure time. Light colours are simple, cheerful and most importantly do not overshadow you.

The following Happy Hijabs collections are light in colours and suitable to be worn on your leisure day. Get them to complete your casual look.


With charisma, you’ll become more influential, persuasive and inspiring. People will become magnetically drawn to you, trust you, want to learn from you.

You can also create charismatic look by wearing the right colours. To achieve this, choose colours of hijab in medium to deeper tone.

We have selected the following charismatic colours in our Happy Hijabs collections. Wear these with your sharp-looking attire and conquer the day!